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Thank god it's an odd number.....2003

2002 somewhat sucked, but on the other hand it was really great…

About three weeks ago I actually thought I was going crazy. I was seeing blue spots and feeling zaps of electricity go through me when I would lie down. Screenplay characters would speak to me and I really thought that my mom was going to admit me into Broughton when I got back here for x-mas break. It turns out that everything is okay now. I’m finished with the first draft of my screenplay and they stopped talking! Woohoo! You have a crazy professor talking to you and you see how sane you feel in the end.

The stress is gone.

I’ve started to use built up rage to push me forward. I really did just complete one of, if not the hardest, moments of my life. It hit rock bottom at one point, but it’s nothing to whine about. I’m not really a whiner…

Don’t expect any more posts anytime soon.

Me out.
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