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Sums it up pretty well. The current status of my life that is.

Tried to be a boy
Tried to be a girl
Tried to be a mess
Tried to be the best

Tried to find a friend
Tried to stay ahead
Tried to stay on top
But somehow I forgot

Do I have to change my name? Will it get me far?
Do I have to lose some weight? Am I going to be a star?

American life
I live the American dream
You are the best thing I've seen
You are not just a dream

.I'm diggin' on the Isotope, this metaphysic shit is dope. And, if all this can give me hope, you know I'm satisfied.I'd like to express my extreme point of view. I'm not a Christian, I'm not a Jew. I'm just living out the American dream and I just realized that nothing is what it seems..Do you think I'm satisfied?

Fuck it!"
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