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Fish Food Smells Bad

We now have fish and a cat. Isn’t sharing fun…..? We also have cable with I-control so that I can finally see the sixth season of Sex and the City and the final episode. I’ll stop with the speaking now in the plural co-dependent form and speak as though I am a capable human that still has a desire to reach my passions.

WORK SUCKS! Everyday it is the same damn thing. I cannot believe that I didn’t just reapply. What the hell? Even if I had just one class I think that I would feel a little more grounded. For the past two years I have been thinking about a new screenplay. I believe that I really started to think about it way back when I filmed Shannon in the woods behind my house doing weird things with children toys. Anyway, it pertains to a nursery rhyme character that has lost her sheep, but their tails won’t come home a wagging….

I keep thinking to myself, keep working this piece of shit job until you can find something else or make enough money to buy a shitload of clothes in Las Vegas next time you go. The pay is okay I guess and it beats working with food. Well, lemme take that back. At least when you work with food you don’t have to wipe someone else’s arse.

The big V-day is coming up and all I can think about is what I did last year. Chris, Krystel, Rebecca and I went out. We were out to celebrate being single and also to lure someone home with us so that we could have a full blown orgy. *yeah!* How things have changed. I guess that it’s nice. It is very nice. I have to say that a lot of bullshit has been thrown my way and I’ve thrown a lot of bullshit back but in the end it works.

As I was watching Traci Lords today, on CNN, I thought back to where I was in high school. I was frustrated but I knew deep down that everything would work out. It has. I just believe that I am in a deep, deep transitional point in my life and that it’ll all be worth something in the long run. I can already tell you the things that I have learned but I won’t. Too much, too long and I’m tried of exposing shit like that via the internet.

Humble, yes. Content, pretty much. Carefree, not yet. Living, more than I ever have before. I think that my anxiety problems have really all been washed away. There’s one thing my relationship has helped. Me shut up now.

Love all!

PS – I may be home sometime over the next two weeks. Who is up for doing something fun like playing hide and seek? Woohoooooo! I just may stop by Greensboro next Friday. I will call those who this little smudge of info concerns. Adios.
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