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U-N-I-T-Y that's a Unity

With sore, carpet burned knees I went out for my birthday Saturday night.
Between the eight hours of dance per day since Tuesday and the lack of sleep I actually had a great time. Someone, the only thing that I really wanted for my birthday, didn't show. I got over it pretty fast. Just gives me a reason to go shopping at a certain store even more. I was approached, molested and then stalked by this guy who reminded me of my godfather's son. Not that he was bad looking; he was just very drunk and horny. He never got the point and so on the taxi ride back to Anna's I bit his finger and told the cabby to drop him off at Perkin's. As the night progressed to morning I found myself with only thirty minutes of sleep. Zoolander, the movie I was forced to watch because I was offered a modeling job Thursday, was playing and I had to turn it off. As I was doing so I heard someone in the living room peeing. Yes, and it was on the carpet. I went in the living room to see someone that no one even knew lying in the floor, pants off, in fetal position in a puddle of his own urine. I smirked and smoked analyzing the situation. Dance rehearsal started at 11AM and everyone was drunk. I made it there early and danced until 3, went home showered, and then went to the mall in pursuit of pants. Rachel showed me a picture of the night before. It was us and these two black girls. One of them looked like Queen Latifa. The only thing I remember is that Rachel randomly looked at her and started singing UNITY. The picture is crazy. If I had a copy I'd post it.

My numerology number is 22 and it is the strongest number of all. So far this year as been the shit!
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