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The Pains of Slumber - Update #1

I really didn’t know what to expect Saturday. The locations weren’t secured and Roger didn’t let us in until thirty or forty minutes after we got there. While Justin and I were outside waiting there was of all this crazy nature buzzing around. In the bushes yellow jackets were swarming, there were hundreds of lizards trying to be warmed by the morning light and on the front porch there was a large black widow spider. In an effort to capture this all on film I caught the spider and dropped it. I never found it again and I was paranoid that it was on me somewhere the rest of the day.
Show got there on time. She’s amazing and willing to do anything I ask her to. I just hope that if she ever feels uncomfortable she’ll let me know. We shot the shower scene and that required her to get naked. I found out today that so far, I am the only UNCW film student to portray a naked female on screen thus far. I didn’t write it to exploit, I wrote it because it is a natural event that happens with us humans everyday. The only reason that it is shown on film is the fact that I needed something to let the snake in the front door. Something to make her unaware that she was about to have something crawl in and around in her house.
For such a short scene we filmed about thirty minutes worth of footage. I am very pleased with the look and only disappointed in the sound quality but Justin insures me that I have nothing to worry about. I trust him as my DP and friend.
Today we had a long talk with Dave about the status of our production. Because of Roger we have fallen behind. Dave does keep encouraging us though. We just need to be concerned and only concentrate on our specific jobs. Me as the director was getting a little burnt out for a while due to having to act as a producer. I know that most do but I didn’t have hardly any help at all.
I think that is about to change though. We went to the Dixie Grill today to prepare for this weekend. It is a great location but we only have it from 3pm until 9 or so. I am worried about the natural light change. There again, Justin tells me to trust him. We went to the serpentarium afterward to beg to have snakes for the film. I have been looking since the beginning of the summer and I still haven’t found what I wanted. I never thought that a huge place such as a zoo or the serpentarium would help me. WAS I EVER WRONG!? Dean Ripa, the owner, came down and talked to us for almost 15 minutes. In such a short while we connected so strongly. He told me that he was a nightclub singer, had sleep paralysis and obviously owns the serpentarium. He seemed fascinated by the story. I am meeting with him sometime tomorrow or Wednesday to give him more information and the screenplay.
I need to get in touch with Melissa so that she can obtain location contracts and our insurance policies. I need to get her to work more closely to Roger than to report back to me. It’s such a hassle to go three ways like that. I know that it is my movie, it’s my baby but I am so burnt out of setting locations, casting and doing paper work all by myself that I am losing the creative drive that made me want to write and direct this. As Justin and I pick, The Pains of Slumber is being a pain in the ass. But, it is going to look good as hell onscreen.
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